NEMOCS enables you to connect, monitor and control decentalized power producers, consumers and storage systems.
The Virtual Power Plant can balance frequency fluctuations on the grid and thereby provide a stable power supply.
Our team provides you with exactly as much support as you need: from initial setup of the platform to complete operation as a white label provider.


The platform for your Virtual Power Plant

With more renewable energies entering the electricity mix, fluctuations in the grid are increasing. By intelligently forecasting, monitoring, and controlling feed-in and consumption, a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) can balance frequency fluctuations on the grid. If grid frequency becomes unstable, a group of flexible assets kicks in and provides power within seconds. As the operator of one of the largest Virtual Power Plants in Europe and as an experienced energy trader, we can offer you a complete VPP solution for creating your own Virtual Power Plant (VPP). 

Power Trading for independent power generators

Connecting assets

NEMOCS is the perfect tool for networking renewable energies and other decentralized assets: from biogas or natural gas CHPs, to hydro power plants and flexible consumption processes. 

Keeping balance

By aggregating decentralized energy sources, you can adjust power production depending on grid requirements and thereby achive a stable and cost-effective power supply.

Entering new business

The VPP provides a path to new business fields, such as trading power on energy exchange markets or implementing demand response solutions for C & I consumers.

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Our platform has proven itself time and again in our daily business with thousands of networked energy producers and industrial energy consumers. We are proud to offer a VPP-as-a-service-solution tailored to your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us.
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The features of our VPP solution

Our VPP solution offers everything you need for successful operation of your Virtual Power Plant. From a central control system, you can monitor and manage multiple power producers and consumers to provide a stable power supply.

Aggregors (Virtual Power Plants) for Renewable Energies

Connect different assets

Using a standard interface, you can connect different technologies to the Virtual Power Plant and control them remotely. We can network the energy producing and consuming assets via our Next Box if desired.

Analysis of energy portfolio

Monitoring assets

The control system displays and records real-time information on current capacity, storage levels, and standby status of your assets. You can see the exact amount of available capacity in your VPP.

We trade the aggregated power on different energy exchange spot markets

Data visualization

The graphical user interface of NEMOCS provides several visual interfaces. For example, you filter the view by technology type, customer groups, or location.

With the Next Box we use the full potential of digitalization in the energy sector

High-performance data processing

Price signals from the energy markets and network signals from the TSO can be processed in seconds and converted to operational commands for the assets. Using API-interfaces, the data can be transferred to your master data, trading, or accounting systems.

Optimized asset operation

Based on input and output data of the networked assets in addition to market and weather data, you can establish schedules for peak-load operation, optimizing flexible assets and their respective market value.

Fully-automated control

The central control system remotely manages each individual asset at its optimal operating point and ensures the predetermined schedule is executed. Restrictions on individual assets are of course taken into account. Changes to the operating schedule are possible on short notice.

Your Virtual Power Plant

Advantages of our VPP-as-a-service-solution

Requires no investment in a costly IT infrastructure
Integrates diverse products and technologies
Adapts to a growing number of assets and use-cases
Can be set up for as many users as needed
User-friendly interface and analysis tools
Meets the strict criteria of German IT security laws
ISO certified (ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC TR 27019)
Tailored support in planning, implementing, and operating
Training for your employees
If needed, 24/7 operation of your VPP

Going deeper: the DNA of NEMOCS

Would you like to know exactly how NEMOCS is designed? Learn more about the structure in our interactive simulation.

Next Kraftwerke: Facts and figures

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Start now with your custom-made VPP solution

With NEMOCS, we supply everything you need to create and operate a Virtual Power Plant from a single source. We provide you with the complete infrastructure in addition to managing set up and hosting. You are completely in charge of your Virtual Power Plant, but can rely on our support team at all times.  We are happy to support you in planning and implementing your custom-made VPP solution.
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Our VPP solution enables you to aggregate, monitor and control various decentralized power producers, power consumers and storage units.